Monitoring & Alarmintervention

- Goods, Vehicle Track & Trace Alarmmonitoring

With the help of GPS Trackers built into trucks and trailers, the operators in the control room actively monitor routes, stops, goods and drivers. If there is a deviation from the agreed control points, operators respond immediately to any exceptions and contact responsible persons, drivers or local government services. We offer multiple forms of active monitoring that are tailored to the risk profile.


High Active Monitoring

With regular telephone contact with the vehicle on the road and monitoring of the GPS location, we monitor whether everything goes according to protocol and the preset route is followed.


Basic Monitoring

With the monitoring of the GPS location, speed and followed route and stops we follow the transport of the goods and respond immediately if the situation requires it.


Track and Trace Hardware

In addition to the active monitoring, we can offer emergency or temporary panic buttons for emergencies. Panic buttons can be built in or as personal portable buttons for drivers and co-drivers. In addition to monitoring from the alarm center, we have a large fleet for carrying out Security Escorts or carrying out interventions to respond to emergency situations and the physical monitoring of truck or trailer is necessary.

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GPS Tracking & High Active Monitoring

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Monthly European Security Escorts

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