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Market leader in escorting transports, European follow up and custom security solutions for logistic and transportation companies. Jorax Cargo Security offers a 'security escort' service for high-risk shipments in Europe. With more than 700 escorts per month, we can call ourselves market leader in this segment.

All our escort vehicles are designed and equipped to serve as reaction vehicles. Satellite tracking and modern means of communication are built in as you would expect from a company that provides such high-risk services. In addition to the standard equipment, the vehicles are equipped with a camera system at the front and rear of the vehicle that are recorded 24 hours a day with image, sound and GPS location. Images are watched live in our Alarm and Monitoring Centre during a calamity.

In addition to physical security, we conduct a preliminary investigation into safe stops for driver changes, tank options and possible detours as a result of road works. Incidents are immediately reported to our European Monitoring Center which will direct activate local emergency and government services. Jorax can deploy and manage the transport security professionals throughout Europe 24 hours a day.

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